XTool iOBD2 Bluetooth Code Reader Scanner OBD2 EOBD Auto Scanner for iPhone/Android iOBD2 MFi BT Adapter better than Easydiag

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iOBD2 Diagnostic Tool
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Product Description



iOBD2 Bluetooth OBD2 EOBD Auto Scanner for iPhone/Android By Bluetooth



1. IOBD2 is an app for your car.
2. It turns your Phone/Pad into an advanced display for your engine data.



Product Description

Please verify that your vehicle is OBD-II/EOBD compliant before purchasing!       

Get the benefit of multiple gauges without the overwhelming clutter and the expense! (Note: Not all OBD-II compliant vehicles have support for all parameters)



iOBD2 Supported OBDII Protocols:

1. ISO15765-4 (CAN) 

2. ISO14230-4 (KWP2000) 

3. ISO9141-2 

4.J1850 VPW 

5.J1850 PWM



iOBD2 Vehicle Compatibility      

iOBD2 works with most 1996 and newer model year cars and light trucks (OBDII & CAN)-domestic and imported.           



Supported Device and APP

iOBD2 obd scanner

IOBD2 APP can be searched and downloaded at the Apple store and Google Play Store.



Bluetooth Connection
iOBD2 can be connected with all devices based on Apple iOS and Android OS with Bluetooth.



iOBD2 Scanner Function:

1. Performance Gauges:

1). Engine speed

2). Corrected vehicle speed

3). Open/closed loop

4). Boost/vacuum combo gauge

5). Acceleration (and braking)       


2. Fuel Economy Gauges:

1). Inst. fuel economy

2). Avg fuel economy    


3. Engine Gauges:

1). Timing (spark advance)

2). Engine coolant temp.

3). Intake air temp.

4). Ambient air temp.

5). Manifold absolute pressure

6). Mass air flow

7). Fuel trims, short and long term

8). Percent engine load

9). Catalyst temp.

10). Fuel pressure

11). Lambda gauge

12). Air/fuel ratio 



iOBD2 Diagnostic Functions:

Read DTC:  Read the current DTC that engine has stored, and DTC info.

Clear DTC:  Clear all the current DTC.

Display DTC Definition: Show all the definition and explanation of DTCs.

Guide Maintenance:Guide how to maintenance the problems of car according to the trouble codes.

Live data: Read all the running parameters that related to the ECU.

Freeze frame data: OBD system will record the system running parameters related to   the malfunction the moment when it occurred at the same time when it set the   DTC. And this group of data is called freeze frame data.

Readiness test: Readiness reflects the status that all the valid diagnostic functions. The diagnostic functions are referring to the important monitoring functions in OBD system, e.g. Oxygen sensor monitoring, Oxygen sensor heater monitoring, and EGR system monitoring, etc. These diagnostic functions are closely related to the engine emission control.

Read vehicle info: Read vehicle info such as Vehicle Identification Number(VIN), Calibration IDs(CALID) and Calibration Verification Number (CVN).

Oxygen Sensor test: This service is to allow access   to the on-board oxygen sensor monitoring test results. The same information may   be obtained by the use of [Mode 6 test].

Mode 6 test: This service is to allow access to the results for on-board diagnostic monitoring tests of specific components/systems that are not continuously monitored. Examples are catalyst monitoring and the evaporative system monitoring.

EVAP System Test: The purpose of this service is to enable the external test equipment to control the operation of an on-board system, test or component.




My Dashboard

Idle Mode: Engine rotational speed, water temperature, battery voltage, Air-intake temperature, Instant  fuel consumption (static),average fuel consumption, Ever wished you had your own customizable gauges, showing only the data you were interested in
Cruise Mode: Vehicle speed, the current engine load, water temperature, vehicle travel time, vehicle travel average speed, Continuous running mileage, instant fuel consumption(dynamic), ever wished you had your own customizable gauges, showing only the data you were interested in.       

Sport Mode: Show you the engine rotational speed, vehicle speed, water temperature.   

Performance Mode: Show you the vehicle speed, capacity, torque, horsepower and you can also customize your gauges here.



Driving Track (Racetrack Mapping)

It is to show the driving track of the vehicle to give data and foundation for reference. Open the Location Services of the mobile, connect iobd2 to the vehicle and open iobd2 APP, choose "My Dashboard", and it will record the track of the vehicle. Quit "My Dashboard" then it will stop recording the track of the vehicle.  

IOBD2 Bluetooth for iPhone and Android


Performance Test

The Performance Test Function Includes:

Accelerate/Decelerate Test: Test acceleration/ deceleration process time and distance.

0 to 400m Acceleration Test: test spend time from 0 to 400 meters.



It allows users to change the unit of temperature, mileage, vehicle speed, fuel, fuel consumption, torque and horsepower, set the alarm for over speed, fatigue driving and water temperature, and set parameters of vehicle weight, fuel consumption coefficient and vehicle speed coefficient  according to their needs on [Customize  My Dashboard].



It is to save and review the recorded diagnostic data of the tested cars, such as live data,  freeze frame data, trip record and my dashboard data. The data can be shared to Facebook and Twitter              .             

If you meet any problem when testing your car,please give us a feedback according to the below steps, an engineer will reply you Asap usually within 1-2 working days.

iOBD2 scanner testing 1


Package List:

Hardware: iOBD2  Adapter, User Manual
Software: iOBD2 APP-Free (Download Manually)


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