MARFLO 20bags Magic Clay Lubricants Magic Clay Bar Lubricant Magic Clay Mate for Car Wash Sponge Pad Towel Mitt

Color: Blue Clay Mate
List price: US $12.99
Price: US $12.99

Item Specifics

Brand Name:
Item Weight:
Item Width:
Material Type:
Magic Clay Bar Lubricants
Special Features:
for Car Wash Clay Mitt Towel Pad bar
Item Type:
Sponges, Cloths & Brushes
Item Height:
Item Diameter:
Item Length:
for car wash Lubricants:
magic clay bar lubricant
magic clay lubricant:
blue green bottle
Car Wash Cleaner:
Move Contaminants

Product Description



20bags/lot!!! >>>>>>> Weclome OEM ODM

20bags/lot!!! >>>>>> welcome OEM ODM

Only 2 pcs Clay Mate (2pcs in a bag).
only 2pcs (1 bag) Clay mate (with out bottle!!!!!)
please note no bottles.
if want the clay mate with bottle, please buy this link!!! Click here>>>>>
thanks some customers feedback, and ask us sell Clay Mate only,
because customers have the bottle already!
so we add a option. only 2pcs clay mate.
thank you very much, my customers.
your feedback is very very important for us.
we have apply a better price for all dear customer.
(about 1.66USD/bag, 2pcs in a bag)
Best Regards
What is the clay mate?
Clay mate like a kind clay lubricant if you take water about 3/4 of spray bottle and take a piece Clay Mate into spray bottle. when you wash car.
the funcation also same as clay lubrican.
safety: Ph7 of the clay mate; let clay bar work smooth
shine: quick detail; let clay move contaminants easy and safety
What Does Detailing Clay Remove?
Your vehicle is under constant assault from airborne pollutants. Brake dust, industrial fallout, acid rain deposits and rail dust all can adhere to your vehicle. These contaminants often contain metal particulates, which accounts for the ease with which they penetrate the clear coat to attack the paint below. These contaminants then oxidize, and they allow rust to spread beneath the clear coat. Tiny orange spots today, total paint system failure tomorrow! Detailing clay removes these contaminants in order to keep the paint healthy and vibrant.
Detailing Clay also removes stubborn sap, tar, and bug remains. Detailing clay works wonder on glass as well. Try some the next time you’re washing your windows. You’ll be amazed at the results!
How to use the Clay Mate?
after you wash car and want to use the clay product to move contaminants on car body.
Step 1: take water into spray bottle about 3/4 bottle.
Step 2: take a piece of Clay Mate to spray bottle and wait for 5-10 minutes.
Step 3: the clay mate slove with water. it is a kind of clay lubricant.
Follow these steps: (how to use with a clay prodcuts?)
1) Wash and dry your vehicle.
2) Adjust the spray bottle in a suitable amount of lubricant(The paint looks like a bead of water).Spray a small area with clay lubricant, no bigger than 2-3 square feet.
3) Gently rub the clay bar back and forth across the wet area. It will grab at first. This means that it is pulling contaminants out of the paint. When it glides
freely, the paint is clean.
4) Wipe the area with a microfiber towel and use the clay lubricant to remove any clay residue. Rub your fingers across the paint now; it should be as smooth as glass. If it’s not, repeat the process. Reshape the clay bar as needed to expose a clean surface. Keep the clay well-lubricated.
5) Continue these steps until you’ve clayed the entire vehicle. Clay does a marvelous job on glass and chrome, too.
6) Store the clay bar in its original case if possible, or in an airtight plastic bag. Spray it with lubricant to keep it moist. Do not allow the clay to freeze and do not store it in temperatures above 200° F.
7) Always follow claying with a wax or sealant. Clay will removing existing wax and may leave tiny holes where contaminants have been removed. They must be sealed in order to protect the paint from corrosion.
Note: Detailing clay does not remove oxidized paint or fill in blemishes. If your paint is mildly oxidized, clean the paint with clay and then use a polish to remove the oxidized paint. If the oxidation is severe, polish first because the oxidized paint may flake off as you clay and ruin the clay bar.
Welcome OEM ODM
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