Lucky Zoom Brand 3.5X-90X Stereo Trinocular Microscope Boom Stand 16MP HDMI USB Microscope Camera 144 LED Ring Light Accessories

Color: Normal Head Simul-Focal Head
List price: US $987.19
Price: US $691.03
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Item Specifics

Brand Name:
Magnification Ratio:
500X & Under
High Definition
Stereo Microscope
Model Number:
Stereo Trinocular Microscope With 16MP HDMI Camera
Magnification Ratio:
Camera Adapter:
1/2 CTV(Increase Camera's Visual Field)
Working distance:
Objective Lens:
SZM0.5X Working Distance 165MM, SZM2.0X Working Distance 30MM
144pcs led Ring light
14MP HDMI USB Microscope Camera
Microscope Head:
Simul-Focal Trinocular/Normal Stereo Microscope Head
Microscope Stand:
About 22KG Double Boom Microscope Stand
Microscope Type:
Stereo Trinocular Microscope
Fit For:
Soldering, Phone repair, PCB inspection

Product Description

Lucky Zoom Brand Professional 3.5X-45X Simul-Focal Stereo Trinocular Microscope Double Boom Stand Microscope Camera HDMI 14MP 144 LED Ring Light Free Shipping

Important Note Before Buying:

1. Dear customers, thanks for visiting our store, we will choose DHL or TNT or UPS Or Fedex to ship the product according to your country and area even though you choose any of them, they are all free shipping when you place the order. Hope for your kind understanding.

2. For security purpose, we may need to pack some of the models into 2 packages, one is microscope head and another one is microscope stand. If you have any question, please contact us online before buying our microscopes.

3. When the product reaches your local custom, they may ask for custom tax, it is the receiver's responsibility to pay for the import custom tax, it is not claimed in time, the return fee will be paid by the receiver, thanks for your understanding.

4. Before Shipping, our professional and experienced warehouse colleagues will check test and pack it well. Don't worry.

Mix Sale: 3.5X-90X Stereo Microscope(Normal head/Simul-focal head, choose the right one before you buy), with 144 LED Ring Light, 14MP HDMI USB Microscope camera, 0.5x 2.0XObjective lens. It is good for soldering, phone repair, PCB inspection and so on. With 1/2 Camera adapter, it will increase the visual field of the microscope camera. Camera's visual field is smaller than the eyepiece, so we need the CTV to reduce the zoom ratio and increase camera's visual field. The microscope provides enough working distance, good microscope for mobile phone repair.


High quality optical system and durable and reliable operating mechanism.

Complete accessories, diverse combination configuration.

Meet the high precision requirements of modern biology, medicine, scientific research, modern electronics industry online testing and other scientific and technological industries.

More suitable for mobile phone repair, electric welding, motherboard repair, etc.

Normal Microscope Head:

Simul-Focal Head:

Simul-Focal Optical System Allows Simultaneous Observation Through Both the Eyepieces and the Trinocular Port. Have well-focused, clear images on your PC or video Screen AND through the microscope eyepieces at the same time.

No need to re-focus the microscope after each “switch”


3.5X-90X Extremely Large Zoom Magnification Power

Trinocular Design for High Quality Photo, USB PC and CCD Video Imaging

Erect Stereo Sharp Images Over a SUPER Widefield of View

Accurate Alignment Ensuring Fatigue-Free Long Time Viewing

Crystal Clear Original True Color Images

45 Inclined Trinocular Head with SUPER Widefield High-Eyepoint Eyepieces

30mm SUPER Widefield Eyepieces (see the difference in the above picture)

Both Ocular-Tubes with Adjustable Diopter

Adjustable Interpupillary Distance

Full Optical Glass Elements

Precise Ground Glass Lenses

4″ (100mm) Extremely Large Working Distance

Versatile Boom Stand Covering Large Working Area

Double-Arm Design for 3-Degree Freedom

Able to Place Microscope Head Toward to Any Direction

Heavy-Duty Cast Steel Stand Finished with Stain Resistant Enamel

Rugged Solid Cast Steel Base

30mm SUPER Widefield Eyepieces Included

165mm and 30mm working distance auxiliary objective


Head: 45 inclined 360 swiveling trinocular simul-focuse head

Eyepiece: 30mm super widefield high-eyepoint WF10X/20mm

Objective: 0.7X-4.5X

Auxiliary objective :SZM0.5X & SZM2.0X

Zoom Range: 6.4:1

Diopter Adjustment: 5dp

Interpupillary Distance: 2-3/16″ – 2-15/16″(55-75mm)

Field of View: 2-1/2″ (65mm) in diameter

Working Distance: 4″ (100mm)

Boom Stand: 20″ double-arm (overall length: 30″), 17″ high pillar, 10-1/4″x8-1/4″x2-0″ solid cast steel base

Camera Specification:

1:Image sensor: 16 megapixel CMOS Panasonic sensor 1/2.33 inch

2:Pixel size: 1.335μm × 1.335μm

3:HDMI output: 1920*1080 60fps

4:USB output: 1920*1080/30 1280*720/30 640*480/30 320*240/30 (MJPG)

5:Lens interface: C/CS

6:Exposure: auto/manual

7:EV (exposure compensation): support

8:White balance: auto/manual, support RGB adjustment

9:Storage: TF card storage, max up to 64GB

10:Input voltage: DC 12V

11:Line: 10 lines, 5 horizontal line , 5 vertical line, any positions
13:Menu language: English/Chinese/Japanese/French/German/ Spanish

14:Remote control: support

15:Net weight: About 250g

Led Feature:

144 bright white LED bulbs

100,000 hours of life

Intense and focused shadow-free illumination

The brightness of 0-100%Adjustable,high brightness

Variable intensity control

Power input: 100-240V, 50-60HZ

Suit for the dia of the lens: 30mm-63m


One Stereo Trinocular Stereo Zoom Head (Security packing with foam, you can choose normal trinocular head or simul-focal microscope head)

One Pair of Super Widefield High-Eyepoint WF10X Eyepieces

One SZM0.5X auxiliary objective Len WD 165 mm

One SZM2.0X auxiliary objective Len WD 30 mm

One 16MP HDMI USB Microscope Camera With Accessories

One Double-Arm Boom Stand

One A1 Focus Arm

One Pair of Eye-Guard

One 144PCS Led Ring Light (EU PLUG Default)

ONE 1/2 CTV Camera adapter(Increase's the camera's visual field)

  • The totally weight of package will be arround 26 kg, The parcel will be shipped by two parcel as the packing is specail designed for protecting micrisocope purpose.

Expert Review

Review by: Kenny S.
Before my meeting with Lucky Zoom Brand 3.5X-90X Stereo Trinocular Microscope Boom Stand 16MP HDMI USB Microscope Camera 144 LED Ring Light Accessories, I had tried all imaginable varieties of conformable ones.Two month ago I stumbled upon this site and decided to give it a chance. In unverified websites I usually initiate with putting in marginal amounts – just totest and determine whether to resume with the online store or not. I’m not the one who presumes problems particularly when it comes to pecuniary matters. I decided this bargain was something I should invest in - and in fact – not much of an expense at that. I frankly never considered that the article like this could be a true stroke of luck, but I was quite unjust. Who could fancy? Well, not me, definitely. in any case, it does accurately what it has to do, and it does it all right.

The idea of Lucky Zoom Brand 3.5X-90X Stereo Trinocular Microscope Boom Stand 16MP HDMI USB Microscope Camera 144 LED Ring Light Accessories is so flat, and the cost so lucrative that I was certain it wouldn't trigger. But it does to the letter what it is meant to do. utterly worth the value. I've trialed many articles of the kind in the past… I couldn't seek for a greater article. Respect to the seller!

It is indeed very well made. The design substantiates that good looks can make sufficient inequality in the utilization of a product. I took up this one after examining the favorable reviews and trusted they were right. They were. There are some benefits to this variant over the other ones I've trialed:
  • It looks great.
  • It is low-cost.
  • It’s a best quality article.
  • It fully agrees with its characterization and doesn’t upset.

If you are in the market for an product like this, I can't conceive you'll dig out one greater than this one.

No purchaser’s sorrow; received the order at the proper time, total A+++ article. Highly recommend!
Overall Rating
Review Summary

Winning appearance, good value, high quality and general conformance to the descriptor. One of the greatest products of this sort I have ever took up, no regrets.

Conclusion Rating
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