Intake 86-91mm Car Storm Machinery Supercharger Turbo Fuel Gas Saver Increase Air-fuel Ratio Power Reduce Emission for 5.0-6.0L

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Turbo Fuel Gas Saver/ Turbocharger Fuel Saver
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martensiti stainless steel
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Turbo Fuel Gas Saver/ Turbocharger Fuel Saver
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Product Description

Intake 86-91mm Car Storm Machinery Supercharger Turbo Fuel Gas Saver Increase Air-fuel Ratio Power Reduce Emission for 5.0-6.0L


Model: 86-91MM

Material: martensiti stainless steel (made of a multi-process process is a stainless steel with magnetic properties)

Quantity: 1pc


Please note when buying:

Displacement 4.0-4.5L Intake: 80-85mm Exhaust: 56-61mm

Displacement 4.0-4.5L Intake: 86-91mm Exhaust: 56-61mm

Displacement 5.0-6.0L Intake: 86-91mm Exhaust: 56-61mm

Displacement 5.0-6.0L Intake: 92-97mm Exhaust: 62-67mm

For reference only,it’s better to actually measure it

NOTE: This model is an upgraded model (the outer circle height and thickness are increased, the inner wing angle is different, the blade inlet surface curvature is upgraded, and the material is upgraded)

The car storm new power fuel saver (8%-25%)

1. Improve the air-fuel ratio (About 25%)

Use its powerful suction engine will instantly form a new power generator by storm cyclone vortex flow quickly pushed into the cylinder inside, instantly increase oxygen intake air pressure and air to achieve complete combustion, so the least able to get the maximum fuel combustion.

2. Power improvement (About30%)

As the same principle, strengthen the mixture of the fuel and air mixing, refine the fuel particle. Applying the rapid-rotating combustion can increase engine power, reduce knocking sound. According to the test of the world authority, it can help indoor combustion rate Increasing by 80% and the largest of engine power enhancing by 40%.

3. Decreasing air pollution (Reduse CO at least 10%)

As the large improvement of the ratio of the fuel and air, it help reducing the engender of the incomplete-combustion HC and CO. So it has high efficiency of preventing air pollution.

4. Decreasing noise

This is a product of no noise and rotating intake airflow under static circumstances. Because full combustion, power increasing, it will undoubtedly change the operating state of the engine. It would be decay noise significant and more comfortable for ride.

5. Prolonging the life of car

Full combustion would greatly decrease the deposited ashes in the air cylinder and make the piston of the cylinder cover and ring of the piston less abrasion. Prolong the life of the engine and reduce the hitch of the power delivery system and extend the maintenance cycle.

6. Improving the braking and reacting ability

Through strengthening the acoustic force of inhaling tube, it strengthen the facility of multiple force and braking ability to ensure the idling and safety. Improving the reacting ability, vaporization tube and TBI engine can bring the effect of MPI.

7. Improving the starting performance

The engine will start smooth in winter and ensure the force of air-conditioner in summer

8. Safety and free pollution

Fix the novel storm power fuel economizer, there is no need to change the engine, structure of car, no harm to the engine, the original circuit and other facilities. It is of free pollution.

Note: Both air intake and exhaust are installed at the same time, the effect is better.

If you need installation video tutorial, please contact us

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