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NON-DISMANTLE CLEANER FCS-200 for Automotive fuel injector tester and cleaner

Fuel System Cleaning FSC-200 can clean fuel injector, Air intake system and Three-Way Catalytic Converter, it is a Free disassembly cleaning tools for MST-A360 Fuel injector cleaner and tester.
main feature
1, the fuel system clean to avoid demolition.
2, the intake system can be cleaned (with intake air cleaning nozzle).
3, convenient quick connector.
4, quick connector corrosion, abrasion treatment, safe and efficient connection.
5, the key parts of the aerospace seals, corrosion resistance, wear fatigue.
6, imported corrosion-resistant pipe, adapted to any cleaning solvent.
7, import relief valve, durable.
8, the check valve special treatment, good air tightness.
9, rapid refueling port design, convenient and practical.
10, and fluid and versatile exhaust valve, unscrew the fluid can be added, can tap slowly reduced pressure, re-press you can quickly exhaust.
11, various models of a variety of connectors, and most of the models match.
12, optional gripping pliers, quickly and safely.
Technical parameters Working environment:
Ambient temperature: -10 ~ + 50
Around 10m within the open flame is prohibited
Air: 4 ~ 8 kg / cm⊃2;
Security pressure: ≤10 kg / cm⊃2;
Adjustable pressure range: 0 ~ 8 kg / cm⊃2;
Flowlines: two 2.0 m
Liquid filling volume: one 1.2L
Dimensions: 400X350X100 (MM)
Operation Manual
We have the Detailed Instructions for you!
The video address:
Auto car engine oil fuel piping and nozzle cleaning
Cleaning three element catalytic operation method
clean throttle operation methods


1.While operation, you need to wear protective goggles and protective clothing.

2.Throughout the operation, if there is any fuel leakage, turn off the engine immediately, and fastening the leak connector timely .

3.When disconnecting the tubing, wrapped it by a soft cloth to avoid fuel splash.

4.After use, please empty the clear detergent residue inside the bottle, to avoid corrosion of equipment spare parts! ! !

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