Electronic Locker Lock Private Home Drawer Lock Keyless Digital Card Cabinet Lock For Gym

Color: Gold Silver
List price: US $28.00
Price: US $28.00

Item Specifics

Brand Name:
Model Number:
Gym,Fitness, Swimming Pool, Club, Sauna,University,Office
Digital Code Lock for Locker
Reading Time:
less than 1s
Power life:
20,000 times unlock
RFID Card + Code
Door thickness:
Unlock way:
RFID + Passwprd
4pcs 1.5V Alkaline Batteries

Product Description

Electronic Locker Lock Private Home Drawer Lock Keyless Digital Card Cabinet Lock For Gym

Functions and Features:

1.Single card (or password)unlocking or double card(password) unlocking both available(guest card , service card)

2.With rebound function

3.Low voltage alarm function – if the voltage lower than 4.8V

4.Card in plastic wristband or watchband – waterproof, moisture proof, anti-corrosion.

5.Jimmying resistance function – when unlocking abnormally, the lock will alarm.

6.External power supply for emergency unlocking.

7.Unlocking method: EM card unlocking

8.TM card unlocking with more than 100,000 times life span.

9.Three level management available – master card, service card, guest card.

Master Card: Only master card in the same system, issue or cancel service card and guest card.

Service Card: Open locks in certain area.

Guest Card: Open one certain room.

10.Technical data:

Operating temperature: -30℃~80℃

Antistatic behavior: >15,000V, information can be saved though in strong static

Static Power Consumption: <5μA

Dynamic Power Consumption: about 200mA

Low voltage alarm: 4.8V

Relative humidity: <95%

One Package included:

Cabinet lock panel * 1 pcs

Bracelet or blue key chain * 1 pcs

Lock body * 1 pcs

Lock catch * 1 pcs

Accessories * 1 package


Applicable to Gym, Fitness, Swimming Pool, Club, Sauna, golf course, supermarket, hotel, company, factory, household, University, Office

Product Show:

Product Detail:

Lock Panel Size:

Lock Body Size:

A set of lock:

Technical Data:

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