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Ships From: China Russian Federation
Color: H
Rated Voltage (V): 12V
List price: US $77.25
Price: US $77.25

Item Specifics

Brand Name:
Motor Type:
Induction Motor
Item Type:
Car Washer
Item Length:
External Testing Certification:
Item Weight:
Item Height:
Include Accessories:
Item Width:

Product Description

Type: portable vehicle -mounted
Power: 80 w Frequency Conversion High Pressure Water Pump
Operation voltage: DC 12 V (with lighter adapter from car)
Feed connection: Cigarette Lighter
Power cord: 3 m (With Interruptor ON /OFF)
Weight: Car washer set 1.75 kg
Power: 80 w
Operation voltage: DC 12 V
Current track: 6A
Pressure (Max.): 0.85 -0.9Mpa
Flow (Max.): 8 L /min
Package contents:
80 w washing pump x 1 PC
Water pistol x 1 PC
Power cord 1 PC
Water escape hose: 10 m
Towel x 1
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This product is a car wash pump.
Advantages: 1, the volume of light portable easy to clean
2, do not waste water.
3, the pressure water flow is very good, wash up feeling very practical
Connect the cigarette lighter to use, cigarette lighter connector is 5 meters
This product is a water pipe, bold, thick, explosion-proof tube,
the length is 10 meters, can be around the car effortlessly.
Tube is very long, very convenient when the car wash.
​Remark: new upgrade to Black PU tube, thickening, thickening, lengthening.

10 meters long water pipes, around the car is no problem.
Can be around the car around the car wash.

Car wash show

1.Connect one end of the water pipe to the tail of the gun
2. the other end of the water pipe with the pump connector link
3. put the pump into the bucket, or the river (where the water)

4. the pump cigarette lighter connector, inserted into the car cigarette lighter mouth
5. pull the water gun handle, you can wash the car.
6. after the car washed clean, you can replace the bubble brush, the depth of cleaning.

7. the car wash powder into the bubble brush storage.
8. can be car, foam clean.

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