Car Styling for S280 S320 S500 S600 Headlights 1998-2001 W220 LED Headlight DRL Bi Xenon Lens High Low Beam Parking HID Fog Lamp

Color Temperature: 4300K 5000K 6000K 8000K
Wattage: 35W 55W
List price: US $1,200.00
Price: US $1,200.00

Item Specifics

Brand Name:
Item Type:
Headlight Assembly
For Vehicle Brands/Model:
Model Name:
for S280 S320 S500 S600
External Testing Certification:
Item Weight:
Item Diameter:
Material Type:
Special Features:
Xenon Light Model:
Light Source:
Item Type:
Led Beam Type:
Led Chip Manufacturer:
Car Model:
for S280 S320 S500 S600

Product Description


Product NameAngel eye xenon lamp
Applicable models:98-01Mercedes Benz S W220 S280 S320 S500 S600 S350
Type:Original upgrade version of the headlight assembly
The number of products:1
Quality assurance:1 years

Price: more than 1 of the price, the purchase price of 2

Please note: 2 sets, 1 sets of sales!

Assembly contains: 1 cartons, 2 inside the carton, and the left and right headlight 1;

Configuration: LED with double color eyes, double lightlensWith ordinary light bulbs, 2 big headlight assemblyOpen the dipped beam headlight is nearly 2 light beam, 2 beam headlamps, lighting brightness can reach the best lighting brightness

LED light eyes using high brightness LED lamp can be used on line lights, car lights open eyes is white, yellow eyes turn is automatically change, the original car steering with steering function, realize the double. Let the car more out of the ordinary.

Product features:

1 super European standard Bi xenon assembly design, the realization of the two light beam near four, and maximize the driving visual effect, reduce nocturnal long-distance driving fatigue of the eyes, and does not affect the driving line of sight opposite driving personnel. To achieve the harmonious unification of traffic safety and civilization.
2 unique fashion and personality of the twenty-first Century detonated angel eyes: a standard configuration for white angel eyes, beautiful aperture, high-grade enjoyment, so that the lighting effect is more different, obvious, prominent, showing off, more eye-catching;
The 3 double optical lens: auto lights, light type lamp lens is the most standard, can have very obvious light cutting line, solves the problem of astigmatism. The near light of the product adopts the double light lens, and the light shielding film inside the lens can be used to realize the switching of far and near light. When the shade is closed, near light when the shading plate is opened, high beam. At the same time when turning on the high beam, it becomes light blocking plate by the electromagnetic operating mechanism, make the light distribution to near light beam irradiation, two light beam with equal to. The installation of double light lens is achieved a xenon lamp up two functions of far light and near light. Two light lenses are commonly used in the middle and high grade cars, such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi and so on.
4 standard light type is the original car according to the European standard light type and the standard of Chinese left driving, light type distribution is perfect, no black spots and spots, fully meet the requirements of China's automobile driving.
5 according to the original design of a headlight lamp completely plug is directly installed, the original car, do not need to change any line, directly connected with the wire plug, can complete the installation, usually installed xenon lamp can be a place to complete the installation, quality assurance of headlights, headlight mold from the original car one-time stamping, to ensure the quality of the water stop in the fog, not easy to turn yellow, do not crack, you solve the menace from the rear;
6 to avoid manual modification of the lamp and the problems caused by poor sealing, the original car line safety load, to maximize the effectiveness of electrical.

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