BMT Original 10pcs Superior Quality Battery for iPhone 8 8G 100% Cobalt Cell + ILC Technology in 2019 replacement iOS 13 repair

Ships From: China Czech Republic
Color: with AP logo Neutral
List price: US $81.50
Price: US $81.50

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iPhone 8

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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Our Product:

– All Product Share 1 Year Warranty

– 100% Tested Before Dispatch

– We are factory manufacturer

– Professional in Battery field for 10 years

– 365 Days Return policy & Free Shipping Both Ways

How does the item look like?

You are buying Superior Quality Battery for 8G, 100% Cobalt cell + BMT ILC Technology in 2019 + TI CPU PCM with 2 Years Warranty.

Charge and discharge curve:

-Most of the other supplier's battery cell can't pass the UL certificated due to the raw material of the cell isn't with enough Li-CO2 (3.7V). They might take Li-NiCoMn(Ni Co Mn 4:4:2) to replace. BMT company's battery cell are all full Li-CO2 material and pass UL certificated as well. What will be the result of using a battery cell made of Li-NiCoMn(Ni Co Mn 4:4:2) ? Answer: the battery cell can last only for a few month and but after it stop working. But for full Li-CO2 (3.7V) battery cell made, it can last for years.

Certificated Battery:

Bamyoyo Company is particularly vigilant about the quality of batteries we sell.

All our batteries are strictly adhere to the standards and manufacturing processes. Batteries complying with conformity certificates.

Federal Communications Commissions; North American Standard which defines rules and procedures to prevent electronic equipment from causing harmful interference to the frequency spectrum.
European Conformity, Batteries meeting European technical harmonization standards.The batteries were subjected to design and control checks; And meeting the essential technical requirements established by the European Directive.This marking allows free movement within the European market.
Product Safety Electrical Appliance & Material.The Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law applies to enterprises that manufacture or import products in Japan. The batteries are meeting Japan electrical product manufacture standards.

Some important points to Manufacture Battery:

1.Bamyoyo batteries are grading in capacity grading cabinet cabinet, after 8 hours of grading, accurate reading of the battery data, screening capacity according to the capacity of iPhone battery capacity, if the capacity is not up to standard will be removed. So far as well know, not all battery manufacturer will grading the cell one by one, most of them will just do a ramdom checking due to the high labor cost and time consuming. This is why our batteries’ quality are more stable than the others.

2.Semifinished battery is taking a comprehensive inspection with Texas Instruments software. For iPhone battery is different from other mobile battery because on the PCB all communication data must get connection with the Phone. Texas Instrument design the CPU for iPhone battery, that's why Texas Instrument’s battery management software is the best one for testing.

3.Harding working team member. Battery’s quality is our everything. All of our members spare no effort in ensuring the supply of high quality batteries. You can learn more on our FB Page BMTbattery if you are interested.

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– 10 Years Engagement in Parts and accessories field.

– Always Here for Any of Your After Sales Problem.

– 24hrs Online or Emails Reply in 3hrs- 6hrs.




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