60ml Car Fuel Saver Gasoline Additive Fuel-Saving Carbon Cleaning Agent Improve Car Energy Saver Cetane

Color: Blue
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Price: US $4.40

Item Specifics

Item Type:
Additive Type:
Fuel Additives
Model Name:
Gasoline additive
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Special Features:
Fuel Savings Additive
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Product Description

Capacity: about 60 ml
Type: gasoline additive
Type: Fuel Savings Additive

Function Description:
1. The product can save fuel, remove carbon deposits, improve fuel power, protect the engine, and reduce emissions and protect the environment.
Under normal circumstances, it will work better after two weeks of continuous use.
2. The cleaning dispersant can be quickly integrated into the carbon deposit to realize the decomposition and cleaning function, and the decomposed carbon deposit is dispersed in the gasoline to burn together, saving energy and environmental protection.
3. The combustion improver can promote the full combustion of carbon and water, improve engine efficiency and maintain strong power.
4. This product can fully atomize fuel, reduce fuel consumption, and remove carbon from valve and cylinder surface area.
5. Add 1-2 bottles of 30-60 liters of gasoline and add two bottles of gasoline above 60 liters.
Using the first bottle, the carbon deposit dissolves and falls off, the fuel and carbon deposits mix, and the engine may be slightly shaken.
Using 2-4 bottles, the carbon deposition cleaning period, the carbon deposit will be discharged along with the vehicle exhaust, it can be clearly felt that the engine noise is significantly lower than before.
Using 5-6 bottles, deep cleaning and maintenance period, the carbon accumulated in the year is basically cleaned up, you can feel the engine fuel tank running smoothly, gasoline can fully burn, reduce fuel consumption.


Gasoline Additive*1

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