100% Original 20pcs Foxcon Battery for iPhone 6 6G 1810mAh Genuine Quality 0 cycle repair parts

Price: US $179.04

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Quality Certification:
Quality Certification:
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Apple Model:
iPhone 6

Product Description

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Our Product:

– All Product Share 1 Year Warranty

– 100% Tested Before Dispatch

– We are factory manufacturer

– Professional in Battery field for 4 years

– 365 Days Return policy & Free Shipping Both Ways


This is link for regular customers who really understand

Genuine Battery.

If your are the customer who really understand genuine battery you should know:

1. What is on the top of the genuine battery.

2. Battery cell edge must with glue when you open you can see.

3. Each genuine battery has different series num on the backside.

4. The QR code on the backside of the battery can be scan.

5. On the battery's down backside's cell series num should be different from one to another

6. Open the bottom parts of the battery, can see the inside PCM should Genuine.

7. Welding point of the PCM and Cell should be laser welded not soldered.

8. Not any reconnected sign from cell to PCM and flex cable.


If you like battery from our factory,

you can check details from below links:

Some important Points for a Good Quality Battery

1.Bamyoyo batteries are grading in capacity grading cabinet cabinet, after 8 hours of grading, accurate reading of the battery data, screening capacity according to the capacity of iPhone battery capacity, if the capacity is not up to standard will be removed. So far as well know, not all battery manufacturer will grading the cell one by one, most of them will just do a ramdom checking due to the high labor cost and time consuming. This is why our batteries’ quality are more stable than the others.

2.Semifinished battery is taking a comprehensive inspection with Texas Instruments software. For iPhone battery is different from other mobile battery because on the PCB all communication data must get connection with the Phone. Texas Instrument design the CPU for iPhone battery, that's why Texas Instrument’s battery management software is the best one for testing.

3.Harding working team member. Battery’s quality is our everything. All of our members spare no effort in ensuring the supply of high quality batteries. You can learn more on our FB Page BMTbattery if you are interested.

How We Will Help You ?

– 4 Years Engagement in Parts and accessories field.

– Always Here for Any of Your After Sales Problem.

– 24hrs Online or Emails Reply in 3hrs- 6hrs.




We strive for Five Star 5/5 detailed rating positive feedback. If for any reason you

are not satisfied please give us the opportunity to resolve the issue before leaving

feedback or opening a dispute on Aliexpress.

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